June 21, 2024

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Rocky Knob Farm
Prichard West Virginia

Rocky Knob Farm in Prichard West Virginia. We raise vegetables every year along with 15 acres of sweet corn. Also, raising livestock, Hogs, and Chickens. One of our biggest crops is Pumpkins, growing thousands of pumpkins every year.

Helping Children Learn About Agriculture

Helping children learn about agriculture. Producing videos for kids in schools to learn about agriculture. As early spring rounds the corner we will have many different videos from plowing, discing, tilling, and planting. My wife Tab nephews Tanner and Farmer Finn myself do most of the work. Stay tuned and thanks for watching.

Jason Ekers
Rocky Knob Farm
Prichard WV

About, homestead, Farm, Jason Ekers
Guyan Conservation District

Jason Ekers is the District Supervisor of the Guyan Conservation District in West Virginia. Serving Boone, Cabell, Lincoln, Logan, Mingo, and Wayne counties West Virginia.

Soil Testing at Rocky Knob Farm

West Virginia Conservation

Jason Ekers Rocky Knob Farm

Growing Pumpkins for The Pumpkin House in Kenova West Virginia

Rocky Knob Farm is the number one supplier of pumpkins to the Pumpkin House in Kenova West Virginia. We grow thousands of pumpkins every year on 15 acres of land.

Pumpkin Harvest West Virginia

Pumpkin House Kenova WV

WOWK at Pumpkin House